We often create our own definitions of words not realizing how limiting that can be. I would never have called myself creative or an artist for most of my life. However, I have been rethinking this for the last year because someone called me creative.

In my mind, the word creative meant someone that could draw or paint. I can’t do either of those things very well and quite honestly don’t enjoy doing them either. As I’ve thought about this, I realized that I had a very limited view of the word.

My new view of the word creative means anyone who creates something. Which could be making a new soap or lotion, knitting a new pattern, or writing a book. Planning your vegetable or flower garden so that you find joy every time you look at it. Putting new colors together in a bat of fiber or taking that roving and making a scene with it while needle felting. Coming up with a new recipe for dinner is also a way to be creative! There is no limit to the ways that God has given us to be creative. The only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves.

This led me to think about other ways we limit ourselves by having such a narrow definition of a word or subject. There are so many lies that we tell ourselves, things that we have just made up in our heads. Maybe someone said something in passing that we took to heart. Or we’ve just developed these false beliefs about ourselves because we failed at something one time. Maybe it’s not about creativity but it’s “I can’t cook” or “I’m a bad student.” What if instead we changed these to “I need to practice more” or “I just haven’t found a subject I’m passionate about yet.”

If what’s holding you back is you can’t find someone to teach you or help you, youtube is an amazing source of information. Life is too short to wait for the perfect moment. Learn something new, write the book, take the trip, and create beauty for the world.

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