White Finnsheep Roving


This listing is for 1 ounce, of our mill processed natural Finnsheep Roving.  This roving is a very pretty NATURAL DARK BROWN.

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This listing is for 1 ounce of WHITE Finnsheep mill processed natural colored Roving. The roving is the natural, undyed color of the fleece.  Our fiber is very soft to the touch and has minimal vegetable matter.  It is hard to photograph the beautiful creamy light brown color of this fiber. This roving is a combination of the fleeces of a few of our white ewes and wethers.

Finnsheep wool averages 22-33 microns and most people are able to wear it next to their skin.  It works well for spinning, sweaters, blankets, and felting.  It does felt easily so it needs to be hand washed gently and laid flat too dry when washing the items you make with our fiber.

Our sheep happily live their lives in the pasture, rotating to new grass and forages, every 1-2 days.  They are protected and loved by their livestock guardian dogs.  The Finnsheep are very friendly and love chin scratches.  They also seem to love to have their picture taken – it seems like there is always one wanting to show off how beautiful she is!

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