Welcome to 14 Hands Ranch!

Our ranch is located in the beautiful state of Kansas. We raise purebred Finnsheep, Dorper cross hair sheep, Lamancha dairy goats, and have a few beehives. We sell several products from our sheep and goats in our Ranch Store.

Both of our families have been involved in various aspects of agriculture for several generations. Lance and I both grew up on small farms and have known since we were married that we wanted to raise our children the same way. We started our farm several years ago with a handful of sheep and goats. As our farm has grown so have our dreams and goals.

We are working to improve and revive our severely overgrazed pastures, grow our livestock numbers, & make our ranch profitable through regenerative agriculture practices. This will not only make our soil healthier but our livestock as well.

On this site and our social media pages, you will get a glimpse of farm and family life, why we do what we do, and of course, the products that we have for sale. All of the products that we sell in our Ranch Store are handcrafted or grown here on our ranch. We strive to use ingredients that are natural, as well as good for our body and environment.

When you visit our Ranch Store you will find our all-natural Goat Milk Soap and Lotion made from the nutrient-rich milk our Lamancha goats provide. There is also plenty of Finnsheep Yarn & Roving for all of your fiber arts projects. We currently offer a beautiful Beeswax Candle and hope to have honey to sell soon.

We host Fiber Flurry at Sikes Venue on the first weekend of November. You can find more information about Fiber Flurry here.

Thanks for following along on our journey!

Lance and Jada Sharp

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