April Product of the Month

Since the sheep will be lambing by the end of this week, we are featuring our Finnsheep yarn and roving for April!

Finnsheep wool is incredibly soft and for most people can be worn next to the skin. The Finnsheep breed has a wide range of colors and patterns. Our flock has sheep with white, brown, gray/silver, and black wool. Many Finnsheep also have spots or other patterns. Their wool is excellent for spinning, felting, knitting, crocheting, or just about any fiber arts project that requires wool! It also takes dye well.

Here are a few interesting facts about Finnsheep from the Finnsheep Breeders Association website: “Renowned as prolific breeders producing multiple births, the Finnsheep regulary has triplets and quadruplets. Our history records show several litters of octuplets and septuplets. It is not uncommon for ewe lambs, twelve months of age, to have twins and triplets. Finnsheep are excellent mothers with plentiful milk for the large litters. Finn wool has an unmistakably soft handle and luster.  Fleeces average 4-6 lbs with 3-6” staple and a micron count of 24 to 31 (50’s spinning count). They exhibit greater foraging ability, enjoying leaves and brush as much as cultivated pasture.”

We love the personalities and friendly dispositions of our Finns. They are easy lambers, excellent mothers, and have beautiful wool. When deciding if we wanted to focus on the Finnsheep or hair flock, the Finns were an easy choise for us. I can easily lamb them out on my own, the rams aren’t aggressive, and they are a good size for me to handle. Plus the wool gives us more options that just raising and selling them for meat.

Currently, in our online store, we have a few colors of roving. We have a variety of browns and a few skeins of white yarn left. As our April Product of the Month, all our roving and yarn is 10% off with the code featuredproduct24 at checkout. I even found a few skeins of yarn I had set back and added them to the store.