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“You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” – C. S. Lewis

I am a goal setter and planner. I am a slow decision maker though so once I finally make up my mind I am ready to go and want everything to be done yesterday. When we decided that making our farm into a sustainable business was what we wanted to do, I immediately wrote several goals. Those goals have already changed and evolved as I have thought about the direction I want to take 14 Hands Ranch.

Our idea to actually make our farm into a sustainable business and not just a hobby farm, started last summer. I have stayed home with our kids the last three years. Previously, I worked as a speech-language pathologist in the local school district. I loved working with the students but it just wasn’t right for our family anymore. Lance works full time as an independent insurance agent. A large portion of his clients are people and businesses involved in some area of agriculture. Over the last year, we would occasionally discuss what I would do when Kinzie starts school in a couple of years. I know, starting to worry about this two years in advance is kind of crazy but like I said, I’m a slow decision maker! As I seriously thought about it, I realized that going back to work as a SLP wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to do something in the ag community and for us it made the most sense to start here at home.

So all of this to say that I finally chose what I want to do next. I love the sheep and goats. I love being outside in the spring, summer, and fall. Winter is questionable, I hate being cold. This past fall I started making goat milk soap from the stash of milk I had in our deep freeze. Our family liked it and I had made more than we needed so I decided to sell some before Christmas. It went over well and it was kind of fun. That’s when I decided that I could do this.

So what is “this?” It’s working to make our farm sustainable while at the same time using livestock to regenerate our land. I’m not going to share all of my goals here but I did want to share a couple. The goal closest to being achieved is opening an online farm store. At this time, I plan to sell my goat milk soap and beeswax candles. More products will be added in the future. I am getting so close to opening it and I can’t wait to share with you all when it officially opens.

I also plan to add a flock of wool sheep and honey bees. These sheep and bees, combined with the sheep and goats we already have, will be a huge help in improving our soil health naturally. By improving our soil health, we will be able to increase the number of animals our land can support. I have lots of goals and dreams for our little 14 Hands Ranch and a lot of time is being spent dreaming, planning, and researching right now. It’s fun to think about the possibilities.

When we decided this was what I was going to do, I stumbled upon the quote at the top of this post. It is now on a sticky note above my desk. Sometimes we need a little nudge to follow our dreams.

I will never get tired of Kansas sunrises and sunsets.

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When Kinzie starts school – have you thought about homeschooling her, at least the primary years? There is so much life skill that can be taught at home by incorporating schooling and your business dream. Shows how important reading, writing, math is to everyday life and business. It really isn’t that time consuming either – there is a lot of ‘wasted’ time in public school (I used to work in one) and your child can learn the same amount in fewer minutes at home with you one on one. Just a thought. That way you can work your business AND have her a part of it, a lasting legacy for her. At any point you can change your mind and put her in public school. But enjoy all the time you can with your little ones, speaking from experience. (yes, I homeschooled mine some years, and some years they were in public – I have nothing against public schooling).

We have discussed homeschooling our older kids many times. Due to the Corona virus our kids are now doing online school. Two of our four kids in school really like it so we will have some serious discussions about homeschooling again this summer. We have also thought about keeping Kinzie home at least for a while longer. I love having all of the kids home! Our oldest two kids though are really missing school so homeschool probably isn’t the best situation for them. Our oldest is 16 and I can’t believe how fast the years have went! I think homeschooling is a wonderful thing if it works for your family!

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